Model 4AN4 | Split Current Transformer | Precision Revenue Grade

Models: 4AN4 Revenue Grade Split Current Transformer | Can be used outdoors if resin impregnated (potted)


The Model 4AN4 Current Transformer is a split-core low AC voltage output transformer designed to simplify the installation over insulated conductors. The transformer core material is extra thick nickel core for ultra precision measurement of AC current. Two screws are used to secure the top after closing. Standard turns ratio is 1250:1, but other ratios can be provided or we can set an output voltage using an internal 0.1% resistor.

  • Current Transformer, High Accuracy
  • mV AC Output, 600VAC Rated
  • Rust Proof Nickel Core
  • Window 0.75” Removable Top
  • Select Up to 300A
  • Meter Accuracy Class 0.2 or 0.1
  • Low phase displacement
  • Recognized to UL IEEE C57.13

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