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Different Colors of Injection Molded Plastic Cases

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

Sentran Corporation will be starting to change from standard black plastic for the current transformer cases to different colors. We’re working on a scheme to use colors for different applications and/or voltage ratings. We have to be careful not to use colors that might conflict with standard electrical wiring and installation colors like green and red. We are considering purple, blue, brown, orange and tan. This will add to our branding effort in an attempt to further set us apart from the crowd.

Thanks to our injection molding department, this is an easy change and doesn’t alter the specifications previously approved for the black high-temperature polycarbonate plastic now being used on all UL Listed products (Sentran Corporation Listing E361441 and E318465).

As of right now there is a limit to the number of colors available, therefore providing colors unique to our contract customers is not an option at this time. To begin the change, Sentran Corporation will provide the colors as an option when customers order.

Model LCF will be the first product where a color is an option and the optional color is purple. We choose purple for the mini LCF because it was bold, unusual, and it will certainly be noticed.

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