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Custom Made-to-Order Current Transformers

Updated: Jul 26, 2021

The custom made giant current transformer recently manufactured by Sentran Corporation was impressive. It had a 24-inch window opening and weighed about 90 pounds.  Our customer in Mexico wouldn’t disclose the application, but they were very pleased to find an American manufacturer that would take on the challenge.

In addition to our standard products, Sentran again has demonstrated the need for custom-made-to-order current transformers and will continue to provide this service. The transformer was manufactured using our new core processing and heat-treating department. Therefore adding to Sentran Corporation’s plan to vertically integrate our manufacturing process as a continuous effort to remain competitive.  We aim to use US manufactured components as much as possible in order to guarantee precision and quality.

Sentran Corporation has developed manufacturing processes for; plastic injection molding and casting, machining, winding, transformer core stacking, printed circuit board assembling, lead wire prepping and testing for up to 13000A.

Magnetic and Electronic circuit design capability is extensive and is the heart of our product development.

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