Your accuracy partner for energy monitoring & metering

Sentran Corporation's Current transformers and transducers are designed and manufactured in the USA. Our product brand and dedicated support will increase your metering system's reliability, not jeopardize it.


Current transformers, manufactured by Sentran Corporation in the US, are UL Listed under UL2808 & IEC61010-1 (Listing E361441) with CAT III, CAT IV and XOBA classifications for field installation (refer to our white paper). Sentran Corporation was the first-ever in North America to offer split core current transformers under UL2808.

Our electrical products include split core current transformers (CTs), outdoor/waterproof CTs, instrument metering and relay protection CTs, ground fault CTs, revenue grade CTs, power harvest and medium voltage split CTs, voltage monitors and power transformers for single and multiphase power systems. Sentran Corporation specializes in designing custom made current transformers for metering, sub-metering, relay protection and ground fault monitoring.