Our mission is to help our customers meet their measuring and monitoring objectives to save time, money and energy with certified safety.​

  • UL Listed XOBA or UL Recognized products.
  • Manufactured in the USA using as much USA materials as possible.
  • 24 years experience in design and manufacturing
  • Lean manufacturing with fast delivery.
  • Large manufacturing facility
  • Will build to stock to fill long range projects
  • Specialist in custom-made-to-order.
  • 5 year warranty
  • Customer service and assistance.​

  • SSCT​®
  • Shrouded Split Current Transformer​®

Featured Product: 3AS
Harvest Current Transformer

Our 3AS split core current transformer and 3AST energy harvesting solutions are used to borrow power from electrical conductors (power lines) to provide DC output. The harvesting system is fully automatic in detecting input line current and provides internal switching to determine correct transformer tap and load. The model 3AS can be custom made to order and configured to meet many requirements.

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