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Outdoopr Current Transformers

Current Transformers, Split Current Transformers, Current Transducers

Made in the USA

The wise use of our energy resources is a primary concern worldwide and Sentran Corporation's mission is to support this effort by providing a wide variety of US-made electrical sensing products.

Experienced Manufacturer

For over 20 years, Sentran Corporation has been developing and manufacturing current transformers, current and voltage transducers, electrical sensor switches, instrument transformers, relay class instrument current transformers, waterproof transformers and voltage monitors for many applications.

Residential, Industrial, and Commercial Products

We have current transformers, transducers, instrument transformers and voltage monitors for energy monitoring installations, process control systems, electrical distribution systems, pad mounted transformers, distributions transformers, underground utility vaults, computer server centers, primary and secondary energy metering, backup electrical generation installations, fault detection, breaker monitoring, phase correction capacitor leakage monitoring, heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems, lighting control, supervisory control and data acquisition(SCADA) installations, solar power and wind power systems, DC to AC inverters, battery charging stations, and geothermal and hydro-generation.