Model 4TRMS (Split) | 4TRMC (Solid) | True RMS Current Transformer

Models: 4TRMS | 4TRMC


The Models 4TRMS (Split Core) and 4TRMC (Solid Core) are True RMS current transformers, designed to convert sine wave and non-sinewave currents to a true RMS value. These are custom made to order to fit your application. This model is available in a wide variety of input currents and output voltages or currents. The True RMS Current Transformers can be provided for indoor or outdoor applications.

  • 5VDC Output at Full Scale
  • Other Output Voltages Available
  • 50-400Hz Input Frequency Range
  • Accurate with Sine, Square and SCR Waveforms
  • 0.1% Ripple at Full Scale
  • +/- 0.2% Accuracy between 5 to 100% Full Scale

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