Revenue Grade Split-Core Current Transformer
Model LN2

Revenue Grade Current Transformer LN2


  • AC Current Input, 50/60 Hz 600VAC
    UL Recognized
  • 1A to 150A
  • Select AC Volts or Current Ratio Output
  • No Batteries or Power Supply Needed
  • Standard Accuracy +/- 0.5%, Table 11 60044-1
  • Optional Accuracy +/- 0.2%, Table 11 60044-1

AC VOLTAGE OUTPUT TRANSFORMER: The Model series LN2 (previously Model 4LN2), uses an internal voltage setting resistor that sets the full scale output voltage to 100mV, 250mV, 333mV, 500mV,1000mV or 1500mV. The removable leg contains a lapped spring loaded core that mates with the precision core in the main housing. Phase displacement is adjusted to within 0.25°

AC CURRENT OUTPUT CURRENT TRANSFORMER: The customer’s meter provides the burden resistance. Internal open circuit protection provided. The “burden” resistance is critical for calculating the final ratio error. Due to the core size, the turns ratio must be high to keep the winding current low as possible. Ratios of 1000, 2000 or 3000:1 are standard – see output chart.

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