Model 4NO4

  • Outdoor rated IP68
  • Many sizes custom-made-to-order


he Model (series) 4NO4 Split Core outdoor current transformer is provided with either volt or milliamp output. The volt output can be any voltage from 50mV to 1VAC and the milliamp version can be up to 333mA. The 4NO4 is designed for ground fault monitoring and is split-core version is meant to be installed around conductors that are at ground potential. Non-split versions are available for above ground potential installations. In either case, the 4NO4 can be completely submerged. The 4NO4 split core version has been tested submerged down to 15 feet. The unit uses corrosion proof magnetic core material and is encapsulated except for the removable top bar on the split-core version. For an outdoor current instrument transformer with 1A or 5A output, refer to the model 5NO5.

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