Model 4LSF Busbar Split-Core Current Transformer

The busbar split-core current transformer, Model 4LSF, is an indoor overvoltage Category CAT IV for use in energy monitoring and general electrical current sensing for field installations. All busbar split-core current transformers have been designed and are manufactured in the US to meet the requirements of UL2808 plus CSA/ C22.2 No. 61010-1. Choose and window opening combination up to 12″ width and length for full load amps (FLA) to 6000A for a UL Listed version. Other sizes can be manufactured for larger windows and higher FLA. The current transformers are provided with either internal burden resistors to set up the AC output voltage, or current ratios for up to 0.333A output. The current output type is provided with an internal voltage suppressor for safety. Larger window sizes (up to 24-inches) and input currents to 25,000A are available (UL Listed will not apply). We have several other options to choose from related to output type, terminals, lead-length, shielding, and other characteristics. In most cases there’s no extra charge for engineering or custom designs. Accuracy class 0.5 and 1.0 per IEC 61869 table 201 and the over-voltage category CAT-IV is standard. The Busbar Split-Core Current Transformers can be installed in the field without further safety testing with metering instrumentation. The Split-Core Current Transformers can also be installed over bare (non-insulated) copper buses.

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