Model 5ASMV | Medium Voltage Instrument Current Transformer

Models: Model 5ASMV


Built the same as the Models 4LSF, 4DS and 5AS, these Medium Voltage current transformers are internally encapsulated and potted for use in 4160VAC applications. Each CT has a slip cover (shroud) that covers most of the unit and come with 20kV lead wires to protect the internal components from shock.

  • Standard 1 or 5 amp AC out, 4160VAC rated
  • Select from 100A, 6,000A input
  • Ratio accuracies per C57.13-2007
  • Shock protection diodes
  • Meets UL2808, IEC61010-1 & C57.13
  • Overvoltage Category CAT IV rated

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