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Models: 5AS | 5ASC


The Model 5AS (Split Core) and 5ASC (Solid Core) Instrument Current Transformers (CT) are traditional current ratio instrument transformers with either 1Aor 5A output. The standard sizes are UL Listed under UL2808 and IEC61010-1. Sentran Corporation manufactures instrument transformers in several styles including split and solid core, busbar shapes, squaroids and toroids. Output leads are either 14AWG or 12AWG twisted pair. The output leads should be connected to shorting blocks until properly connected to meter. The output is linear from 10% to 100% of range with a ratio accuracy of +/- 1% with optional Class 0.5. Typically the 5AS will meet the accuracy requirements of C57.13-2008. For custom made instrument current transformers, please call 1-888-390-2621 or 1-503-370-7377.

  • Standard 1 or 5 amp AC out, 600VAC rated
  • Select from 100A, 6,000A input
  • Ratio accuracies per C57.13-2007
  • Meets UL2808, IEC61010-1 & C57.13
  • Overvoltage Category CAT IV rated

Sales Engineer: 1-888-390-2621

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