Model 5ARP (Split) | 5ARC (Solid) | Relay Protection & Metering Instrument Current Transformer

Models: 5ARP | 5ARC

Application Description For UL Listed version of the 5ARP please go to Model 5AS. As of 2018, we can now provide UL Recognized shrouded terminals on the 5AS and 5ARP.

Relay Protection Instrument Current Transformers (CT) are designed to transform current from the high values that occur in the transmission and distribution systems to low values that can be used for low voltage metering and relay devices. The Model 5ARP is a split core Instrument Current Transformer and the Model 5ARC is a solid core Instrument Current Transformer. Both are for relay protection applications for system protective relaying purposes. During a system fault or overvoltage transient, the output of the CT is used by a protective relay to initiate an appropriate action to close a breaker or reconfigure the system to protect the rest of the system. Typical outputs of these CTs are 1A or 5A. Sentran Corporation is familiar with and utilizes many different specifications and standards provide bu IEEE, CSA, IEC and ANSI. The key points like saturation knee point, lead lenghts, overall accuracy and phase and safety certifications are taken into account. Sentran Corporation’s basic Model 5AS Current Transformer series product line is UL Listed to UL2808 under our listing E361441. The design and construction depends on the requirements and applications and Sentran Corporation will work with you to determine the final specifications. Since instrument current transformers vary in mechanical size to fit the many different electrical conductors and busbars in use, Sentran Corporation utilizes a proprietary universal molding process to supply practically any window openings and input currents up to 25,000 amperes.

  • Standard 1 or 5 amp AC out, 600VAC rated
  • Up to C800 rating, many sizes
  • Select from 100A to 25,000A input
  • Relaying accuracies for “C” and “T”
  • Meets C57.13-2008 and other standards
  • Many different custom sizes
  • Medium voltage to 4150V available
  • UL 2808 CAT IV on ICTs to 6000A

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