Model 3AS | Harvest Split Current Transformers and Harvesting Systems

Models: 3AS Harvesting Current Transformers | 3AST Harvest System (with Output Power Controller)

The Model 3AS Harvest Split-Core Current Transformer and 3AST Harvest System are used to borrow power from electrical conductors (power lines) to provide an output DC of 5V at 1A that can be used to operate metering instrumentation. The 3AST-20X500-5VDC will provide a regulated 5VDC output at 5.0 watts as the power line current changes from 20A to 500A.   This model uses an automatic tap changer controller to cover the entire current range from 20A to 500A. The window opening to fit over the power line is 2” after the top is closed and locked. Drawing 3ASXX500-100-01 illustrates the overall size and approximate weight of both models about 35 pounds. Another lower current range Model 3AST-20-50A provides a regulated 5VDC output at 500mA over the full 20 to 50A range without a tap changer. General Operation: The 3AS Harvest System is totally automatic as it detects the input line current and provides the internal switching to determine the correct transformer tap and load. An output connector is available for adding an external cable for the 5VDC output voltage. The Model 3AS Split Transformer is custom made-to-order and can be configured to meed many requirements.

  • Custom made-to-order
  • Can be provided f to meet IP68 outdoor environmental conditions
  • Split Core Design and Encapsulated
  • All stainless steel hardware
  • Provided with waterproof connectors
  • Custom Made-tro_order

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