Model SRT | Rogowski Coils and Amplifiers

Models: SRT Basic Rogowski Coil | STCA 100mA Integrator Amplifier | SRA 333mV Integrator Amplifier | 5A Integrator Amplifier


The Rogowski coil is a flexible rope current transformer, ideal for irregularly shaped conductors or multiple wires. Each coil comes with an integrator that sets the output of the coil to a usable signal for instrumentation. Sentran Corporation has designed several integrator amplifiers (transconductance amplifiers) to interface coils to metering instrumentation. A 5A output amplifier will be announced in early 2018.

  • Rated Input Current (rms) 10A to 100KA
  • Standard Outputs 250mV, 333mV, 100mA using Amplifier
  • 9V Power Supply available
  • Isolation Voltage 3500V
  • Operating Temperature -25Cto +70C
  • Accuracy +/- 1% if centered on conductor

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