LNxF Series | Revenue Grade Current Transformers

Models: LN2F | LN3F | LN4F


The LN2F, LN3F and LN4F revenue grade current transformers are high accuracy Class 0.2, +/-0.2%. They are shrouded (SSCT registered trademark) with snap, locking tilt top and classified as XOBA for direct installation under UL2808 and CSA C22.2 No.61010-1. These are Measurement Category CAT IV 600V current transformers for building installations over insulated or bare conductors. An internal voltage setting resistor sets the full scale output voltage up to 1000mV — the resistor also serves as open circuit shock protection for the installer. Current output ratios for 333mA are available with internal overvoltage protection. Output leads are black and white twisted pair, double insulated, reinforced machine tool wire, 18AWG UL1015, 600V AC for installation without conduit. Special twisted pair shielded cable is provided as an option for noisy environments.

  • 1A to 600A Full Load Amps (FLA) 50/60Hz
  • Measurement CAT IV / 600V Rated
  • One Hand Installation (use safety gloves)
  • Excellent Low Current Sensitivity
  • Shrouded Hinge-Snap Top
  • UL Listed to UL 2808 and CSAC22.2 61010-1
  • Class 0.2 Revenue Grade

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